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Leganes took a minimal lead over Villarreal

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football tips Leganes`s team beat Villarreal 1-0 in the first half of the King`s Cup tournament. The only goal was scored by Nordin Ambraat at the start of the second half. The yellow submarine came out without part of its main footballers, headed by Victor Ruis, Pablo Fornalz and Carlos Bacca. Their deputies disappointed and the interesting moments at the home of the hosts were not much.

The first half was equivalent to a few interesting moments, but after the break, Leganes raised the turn. In the 49th minute Amrabat broke from the defense and shot in the close corner, Mariano Barbosa touched the ball but could not stop it and she crossed the goal. In this result, Villarreal played more offensive, and before the Turkish striker Enes Junal had a great chance to equalize, but from a short distance he fired out. In the 83rd minute, entering the reserve, Fonals also missed the calm of Villarreal before the rematch.

This is Leganes` second victory over this rival during the season, after the defeat between them in the beginning of December ended 3:1.

Spain Cup, 1/8-Finals:


1:0 N. Amrabat (49)


Blog of 24 football tips