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football tips

Football predictions

Blog of 24 football tips

football tips When making your football predictions, finding the coefficient, which determines a probability equal to your (or better) suggestion for the outcome of a match is the key point. Thus, we assume that you beat the margins set by the bookie and your bet does make sense and has a ‘value’.

Finding a good ‘value’ can prove to be quite a difficult task. Such bets could be the ones against the main favourites. Of course, everything depends on your assessment of the probability that the certain team will win or not. Make your soccer tips carefully. The main favourites are typically teams in the forehead of the ranking as their success rate is over 75%. The odds of winning a major favourite in a match are quite low, which is the result of the good shape of the team and their big ambitions.

Here comes the question whether the team can win all matches. Well, the answer is obvious – probably not. There are few cases of team which have won all their matches. Nowadays it is almost impossible, which is normal considering the development of soccer in general. You must be nearly good as a football tipster to pick the right moment to take the risk – to bet against the favourites!

24FootballTips.com will give you for example a series of 5 consecutive wins of a strong team. Most likely the coefficients will range from 1.20 to 1.70. Their total sum is around 5.00. For the sixth game, the odds supplied by the bookmaker for the leading team will be quite low again. It means that the coefficients for a tie or win of the other team are high enough for the stakes to have a good value.

Back in 2012, in four consecutive matches, FC Bayern Munich have a 100% success rate without even one run! Here are some details:

- 25.09.2012 Bayern Munich-Wolfsburg: 3-0

- 29.09.2012 Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich: 0-2

- 06.10.2012: Bayern Munich-Hoffenheim: 2-0

- 20.10.2012 Fortuna Düsseldorf-Bayern Munich: 0-5

But what happens in the fifth match: 27.10.2012 Bayern Munich-Bayer Leverkusen: 1-2, home loss after four consecutive compelling victories! The odd for Bayern Munich was about 1.25 and players who had staked in this case against the favourite were really lucky. The coefficients of winning for the team from Leverkusen ranged around 9.00. It is a common tactics of some players to bet against the favourites but such a strategy requires a lot of research and time. But making your soccer picks depends entirely on you, so do it responsibly!

Blog of 24 football tips